LHC Les Lions to cheer and help your kid to become a hockey legend

The achievements of the professional adult squad of LHC Les Lions amaze, but it’s not the maximum to offer fans. Besides watching the brilliant performances and keeping an eye on every match, you may play ice hockey for fun here and even let experienced hockey coaches learn your kid to do it professionally.

Requirements and demands of LHC Les Lions

All kids may participate in the sports program at the LHC Les Lions if the requirements have been complied with:

  • the age of kid is 6 years old and older;
  • a child belongs to group U13;
  • a maximum of 20 participants are allowed in each section (primary and secondary school).

Young players are chosen based on three factors (sportive – academic – behavioral). Each participant must be an LHC member and enrolled at one of the institutions provided by the athletics department: Chassagne High School and Jean Monet College.

Procedure to join LHC Les Lions educational facilities

The committee, which is made up of an administrative team, hockey teachers, and a sports manager, will review the student’s academic and athletic records and make its decision on admission based on the following selection criteria:

Verification of athletic ability

Students are chosen based on their prospective development as well as the results of sports tests on and off the ice that is conducted by the club’s coaching sta

Verification of scolar grade level

The student’s relevant school and the association’s office check the student’s academic records (results, work, and behavior).

Behavior review

The kid’s overall conduct (including respect, listening, focus, and other skills) is evaluated (on the ice, off the ice, in the locker room, moving around, etc.). The decision is made based on the child’s maturity and ability to fit in with the group.

Why mind LHC Les Lions childish training?

If you are following an adult hockey team you will surely notice that the quality of gaming they give is amazing.

The club is known for many national titles like Champion of France, Champion of France D1 and D2, Champion of France (women), Cup of France, etc. Childish and youth training is a great opportunity to dig into the atmosphere of a favorite hockey club and make your kid a future champion.