LHC Les Lions is a club to care about ice hockey players’ mental health since youth

The temperament of an ice hockey player plays a crucial role in training; based on the properties of his nervous system, it displays the personality features and character of the performer. The nervous system exhibits traits like strength and weakness, balance and imbalance, and inertia and motion. And all of the factors are considered by LHC Les Lions.

Ice hockey demands to be unbreakable since childhood

Each temperament type makes it possible to anticipate a person’s behavior in a particular circumstance, so it is crucial to consider it when speaking with team members.

LHC Les Lions’ coaches think ice hockey players should begin their training when they are in primary school because this is when their dexterity, flexibility, and motor skill coordination start to develop.

The mindset of treating training like a game helps a newcomer get through his fears during the first training session. In this approach, it is possible to assist the youngster in liberating himself or herself and removing the mental obstacles that are preventing him from succeeding. The small ice hockey performer starts to develop a desire for physical activity.

TOP aspects to implement with LHC Les Lions’ support

LHC Les Lions pays special attention to the mental health of each player, especially juniors. Here are the main recommendations given by the club, which the management helps to fulfil.

Get rid of emerging harmful situations and phenomena.

It helps develop connections with the team’s coach and other players. Check to see if the chosen sport’s direction is right.

Avoiding psychological obstacles in aspiring ice hockey sportsmen.

In the face of aging, social, and personal issues, such problems must be talked about.

Assistance with learning the fundamentals of strategy, the required motor abilities, and the regulations of the competition.

Assistance in developing the proper drive to keep the performer in the sport.

The coach should begin the game analysis by noting the flaws of the opposition. Otherwise, everyone, especially kids look for flaws in themselves, which frequently causes a psychological barrier to form in them.
Assistance with the first competition’s organization.

In this situation, the tournament ought to be treated like a holiday, complete with congratulatory remarks, prizes, and formal opening and closing ceremonies. Players in their youth should understand the value and significance of competing. The purpose of the installation should be to showcase the information and abilities that participants have gained at the sports school.

Assistance in finding solutions to important issues, acclimatization to a new way of life, and communication between coaches, parents, and the school.

So you can see, LHC Les Lions doesn’t limit itself to tools to help each person desiring to try his or her own forces. The approach is justified by the perspective steadiness of the young performers.