LHC Les Lions ice hockey players list to get acquainted with

Ice hockey demands to be fully involved in the game and the team you choose to follow. That’s why if we are talking about this club, before cheering it’s necessary to open up about who is performing in the team. We have tried on helping you. Here is the short table below.

Players of LHC Les Lions to keep an eye on

To hear anything about LHC Les Lions is not enough to be called a fan. The first thing you have to remember while digging into the topic is the squad list of an adult professional division. Look up below to know more about the team’s players.

Number Name Position
30 Raphael Rebord Goalkeeper
32 Romain Rebord Goalkeeper
70 Sidney David-Thivent Goalkeeper
3 Tom Breford Defensor
5 Hadrien Henry Defensor
13 Paul-Eric Feidt Defensor
24 Dominik Kysilka Defensor
78 Florian Portier  Defensor
91 Axel Fanget Defensor
6 Romain Ginier Winger
7 Eliab Courb Forward
9 Leo Filippi Forward
10 Frederic Figon-Gage Winger
11 Martin Fino Central
14 Jean Cazaubon Winger
17 Pavel Voitik Forward
20 Tanguy Bondil Forward
25 Alois Franzino Forward
69 Hugo Petrozzi Forward
92 Gabriel Bendahan Forward
98 David Kubovcik Central


So the table is quite complete and you can have heard some of the names above because of LHC Les Lions picked best of the best.

Care is not just money

Ice hockey is considered an extremely traumatic discipline and the head of the club realizes it. That’s why all of the performers are supplied with good quality equipment, which is branded and elaborated directly for the needs of LHC Les Lions. It’s one more particularity (though it seems to be meaningless for inexperienced ice hockey spectators) of the team.

The uniform of an LHC Les Lions ice hockey player includes:

  • Stick — a special device for moving the puck on the ice. Its length is from 150 to 200 cm.
  • Ice skates are boots with metal blades designed to move the players.
  • A branded shell that protects the groin from mutilation.
  • Branded helmet.
  • Knee and elbow pads that cover knees, shins, elbows, and forearms.
  • Bib – protects the hockey performer’s back and ribs.
  • Branded gloves are needed to protect the hands.
  • Puck is a special device that prevents jaw injuries.
  • Special shorts that protect against falls, collisions, projectile impacts, and similar situations.
  • Neck guard – A plastic or kevlar device that protects the neck, neck, and collarbone from injury.
  • Special sweater and leggings – a uniform worn over the waistcoat, common to all team members.

The goalkeeper’s outfit is a little different from the others. Thus, his skates have an elongated and wide blade, a shorter back, and places for attaching shields. The goalkeeper wears special game-blocking gloves with finger holes inside and a trap to bring the projectile to the palm. The goalkeeper’s helmet may vary in color.