LHC Les Lions — a leading hockey squad to follow

The discipline is one of the most beautiful and challenging sports. Here you need strength and agility, as well as the speed of reaction and the ability to immediately assess the situation and more. probably this attracts fans who appreciate the complexity and beauty of the team game.

If we are talking about French national ice hockey, no one but Les Lions comes to mind. We are huge fans of the crew, so let us tell you more about it!

Basics of ice hockey sport

To get deeply involved in a topic, you have to know more about the discipline itself. The question of where and when the game was launched is still a matter of debate these days. Historians will never agree. One view holds that ice hockey began in Canada.

Believing another version, the homeland of the game is Holland, where in the 16th century, on the icy canals they played something like hockey. And yet, in 1875, the first historical game was organized in Montreal at the Victoria ice rink.

In 1877 the fundamental principles were formulated. Initially, the projectile used in the game was made of wood. It was not until 1879 that the usual rubber washer was used.

Later the Amateur Hockey Association was founded in Montreal. It corrected and promulgated the unified postulates of the game:

  • 7 persons on each side.
  • The composition of the teams does not change during the game.
  • Substitution is only allowed if the athlete suffers an injury with the consent of the opponent.
  • A net has been drawn over the gates since. This eliminated controversial situations where the puck entered the goal.

Canada also formed the first team of professional hockey performers. At the same time, the command staff was reduced to 6 persons, the conditions and procedure of replacement were changed and the dimensions of the playing field were determined.

The sport came to Europe and France, especially in the 20th century, and immediately became popular. Soon the International Ice Hockey Federation started its work in the French capital.

Historical background of LCH Les Lions

The history of the LHC Hockey Club de Lyon dates back to 1903 with the Sporting Club de Lyon (SCL), in a measure of which the players developed in a circular ice arena set on the 3rd ice rink in France.

The club is really prominent, as it has made French ice hockey history, winning its first title in 1907 thanks to its legendary captain Albert Kimmerling, an excellent player of the time. But later the crew missed a home rink, as it was closed. Just 45 years later, in 1953, a new Ice Palace was built in Lyon on Avenue Jean Jaurès and the club was based there.

As a result, new success came — in 1956 it won its second French league title.

The club remained administratively intact and resumed its activities during the opening of the Charlemagne rink in 1967 at the Charlemagne rink in Lyon. The CPL has alternated between Division 2 and Division 1 for decades.

The club has won 2 French D2 championship titles and 2 French D1 championship titles. He was also awarded the World Interim Group B Competition. The women’s crew has been one of the best crews in France for several years, winning the title in 1995 and 1999.

Indeed, the club is highly professional, it managed to compete twice in the cup and even came to the 2nd round. In 2016, LHC Les Lions organized a Winter game at the orienteering park against the Grenoble. Our crew managed to win the Cup de France against the Gap team in 2018 and fails against Amiens in the final the next season.

Once again, after the forced abolition of LHC Les Lions, the LHC federation, holder of the league’s membership license, launched a new challenge for the years 2020-2021.

After the development and inscription of small hockey in the elite of the French leagues, the association has developed an ambitious project that aims to congregate: the objective for 2028 is to advance to the Magnus league.

Reasons to be popular and supported

As we learned, the team has a remarkable and quite long history. Many trophies and titles have been won over the centuries. But why is it so popular in France? This is a rhetorical question. The club impresses with its composition with talented players, as well as the well-thought-out tactics of the game deserve special attention.

It is always present in the largest competitions in France, to give example, in the Magnus League.

Except for a good game strategy and physical fitness of the players, it also impresses with its approach to the fans. As an unofficial fan club, we pay special attention to the policy of the club’s management. They are willing to meet the fans, there is a whole line of merch items. Also, you can always get closer by supporting the team and donating.

It’s well-known that the discipline is not so developed in Europe, but this club breaks stereotypes and adequately represents France not only to its own citizens but also on the world stage. Probably, that is why French fans pay tribute to the team by constantly supporting it.

So what to be aware of?

It’s not that difficult to be a fan. You just need to keep following all the updates and announcements. New transfers and changes in the tactics or gaming strategy can impact. The best option to get acquainted with the crew is to visit a home rink and dig into the atmosphere.

Also, we will help you to discover all the basic details. Don’t hesitate and stop wasting your time. It is surely worth reading!