LHC Les Lions brings new and appreciates old

LHC Les Lions has been reformed since 1997 and the offices are located in the Charlemagne ice rink in Lyon 2, as you have known. It’s one of the largest French teams in terms of the number of licensees and players and has gained a lot of experience supporting smaller teams, from school ice hockey to the U20 elite. We have numerous federal labels, a mark of recognition from the French Ice Hockey Federation.

In 2020, a senior LHC Les Lions team was formed, playing in Division 3 of the French Championship. In recent years we have played at the highest level (Magnus League), but unfortunately, due to mismanagement of the club, it had to declare bankruptcy in 2019, and Lyon was without an ice hockey team for 1 year.

Today a completely new office and a new president were created with the aim to reach the highest French level.

All divisions are registered in Elite and Premier Championships, which allows us to offer a double level to all players in the U13 and U15 to U20 categories under the HCLR (Clermont-Lyon-Roan) agreement.

TOP priorities of LHC Les Lions

The priority of the management is given to the education and development of our young players, so the sports and school departments can take them from university to degree if they wish.
The quality of supervision of the divisions of LHC Les Lions is a priority for the development and implementation of players.

There are 5 of our highly qualified coaches who are supported on the ice by former players who have become volunteers and players still playing in the D3 championship who guarantee training in the best conditions. The team managers take care of the administrative and logistical organization during the season.

Values are placed in the first position

Among the values of LHC Les Lions are both educational and sporting conditions, like:

  • Compliance with the rules of the FFHG and the ethics of our sport.
  • Citizenship and solidarity (volunteering and links with associations in the region).
  • Respect for others, and fight against discrimination and differences.
  • Raising awareness among citizens and against violence.
  • Promotion of lifestyle and health through sport and the importance of practicing sporting activities in relation to personal development.
  • Fighting against doping and teaching respect and tolerance towards others.

Due to its sporting policy, the club allows our athletes from an early age to participate in competitions and tournaments organized by the Southeast Region and the Federation.

The supervision of professionals, the possibility of integrating the sports department, and the participation in training courses during each school term help future athletes to train, promote personal development and increase their knowledge of refereeing (respect for the rules). All of this is with the aim of keeping the practice at a high level and at the same time getting to know the sport firsthand.

All in all, is LHC Les Lions only about education?

Surely, it is not. The TOP priority is given to professional sporting, but except for educational services the club can offer adults the opportunity to rebuild or discover ice hockey, including entry level, to feel the joy of this sport with our recreational teams.

There are also three free trial lessons and then you can apply for a licence.